Facilities and Equipment

Cape Cod Commercial Linen Service Facilities and Equipment

CCCLSsm offers the latest innovations in laundry processing equipment.

Innovations include a CBW Milnor PulseFlow Tunnel washer that reduces energy and water consumption by nearly 50%. The technology protects the linen to a greater degree and doubles the available capacity at CCCLSsm. In addition to the CBW Milnor Pulse Flow Tunnel, the washing and sorting department at CCCLSsm has 14 conventional washers and 20 conventional dryers.

Our finishing departments include four complete ironing systems, equipped with the finest pressing capabilities available. Our towel department possesses six folding machines.

CCCLSsm owns and maintains approximately eight 24-foot box trucks that travel all over the region. During peak summer seasons, we rent an additional two to three trucks to maintain the dedicated services for our customers.

CCCLSsm -powered Communications System

Within the new headquarters at CCCLSsm is a custom, customer-driven communications system. We have created an internal messaging system that ensures requests are always fulfilled.

In addition to a newly-formed web communications system, our new headquarters features 15 Cisco IP phones with an auto-attendant that can properly direct calls.

Video Surveillance System

CCCLSsm has installed 25 high-definition Cisco cameras that are able to ensure the linens are safe on our premises.We also maintain a new alarm and fire alert system.

Truck Tracking System

All vehicles at CCCLS have a Reltima GPS installed. We offer our customers the ability to get email and text notifications when a truck enters your property. We also have the ability to continually know where our fleet is so we can meet the needs of any urgent linen requests in a very timely manner.


Our operations center has a 100kw natural gas generator that fully operates the building and equipment. In the event of power failure on Cape Cod, CCCLS has the resources to operate fully out of this plant to ensure the needs of our customers are continually met.